In Game Advertising: What you need to know?


In this modern day and age, technology has been advancing extremely fast. It has been very helpful to us especially in terms of communication and entertainment. It has greatly affected our daily lives. Nowadays, entertainment enthusiasts and professionals have created a way to turn their entertainment into something they can earn from. This is through In Game Advertising (IGA) which is used on electronic games.

What is In Game Advertising?

In the game, advertising is a type of marketing strategy that uses advertisements through electronic games. These are advertisements in real life that are reflected in some parts of electronic games. These are the ones that are referred to as built-in advertisements that have sponsored. These IGAs, on the other hand, were not popular back in the early days. However, as it is very effective for monetization purposes in this generation, almost all electronic games have advertisements or paid promotions.

What are the types of In Game Advertising?

1 Static Ad

Static ads are defined by experts as advertisements that can’t be changed. These ads are designed to become permanently shown in electronic games. According to gaming professionals, these are only designed only once which means it has to be created with no mistakes. These ads can be seen in different formats such as animation, images, and videos. These ads are called static because it shows the all the gamers the same set of advertisements.

2 Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads are labeled by professionals as advertisements that change automatically and adapts to each gamer. These ads are also called dynamic banners or creatives which ensures the users that they only see relevant ads on their game. These ads are advantageous on their adaptability as marketing experts can input ads related to the user’s browsing history and geo-location. Upon collecting the user’s data, the marketers can display advertisements that are relevant to the user. This gives the marketers several advantages such as minimal advertisement fees and better campaign Return Of Investment, Better conversion rate, and relevancy.

3 Advergaming

Advergaming is a type of in game advertising that involves the use of video games. Professionals say that video games that use advergaming strategies are often free of use. The video games that use advergaming technique usually features the brand or product as its protagonist. It is said that games with an advergaming strategy have a non-intrusive way of connecting to the public. This is also an excellent way of advertising because the ads become viral fast.

What is the main advantage of In Game Advertising?


As discussed in the top parts of the article, IGAs are used for monetizing electronic games. This improves the return of investment of most market experts and gives a better conversion rate. Developers use these IGAs to help promote their client’s brands or products. These IGAs are very effective in this generation and it gives great support for the game developers. This is what helps game developers as most gamers are not willing to spend for in-app purchases.