Javascript web application development is very popular nowadays. Business persons have to take care of certain issues regarding the services before engaging the Javascript persons for their existing or next project. A few of the issues are as follows:

  1. Timely delivery: quick response, time conscious and delivery of projects so that one can meet their plans and reach the market in time.
  2. High-Quality Standards at reasonable prices: No compromise with the quality of services while retaining competitive rates.
  3. Better Support: The best possible support for project critical applications.
  4. Transparency: A high level of transparency in the entire process with the help of documentation.
  5. Work with Latest technologies: The service providers show excellency with the available latest technologies in an appreciable manner.

Web application development - Quickie

Moreover, one can avail services for existing application performance monitoring, tuning, and scalability. And, Javascript is almost everywhere in an enterprise application, web services, desktop applications, and mobile phones. It is the wise choice for the business person to avail the technology for his online endeavors.

Node.js Web Development Event-Driven Framework For Web Development

Node.js is a platform or you can say a framework for building easy and scalable web applications in JavaScript outside of the browser. It leverages super-fast JavaScript engine V8 produced by Google. Enables web developers and programmers to develop an entire web application in JavaScript, including both server-side and client-side as well.
Contains a built-in HTTP server library, which makes possible to run a web server without the use of external and allowing super control of how the web server works. Node.js allows to easily manage thousands of servers in our cloud and yours.

Advantages of Node.js

  • The main advantage of Node.js is its performance. It allocates a small stack per each connection, while another server-side solution creates a thread for each incoming connection.
  • Node.js is a package management system which is best than other frameworks.
  • Very fast and also has a very speedy native binding
  • Can provide code to reuse it. Means developers can potentially use any piece of code on both sides of the stack.
  • Nowadays most of the applications are writing with heavy I/O bound. But with Node.js with its event-driven nature javascript, whatever you write with it is going to be very fast.
  • Makes application decent by modern standards and makes the user experience appealing and high.
  • When you take control of the server, Node.js is exclusively suited for the advance of the real-time web.

Many advantages and is one of the best technologies for development. Also, there are many organizations and companies available who enable you to outsource node.js development services. It's always good to get a proper and professional company for web development not only for Node.js development service but any kind of web application development service.